Haroldo de Campos

Haroldo de Campos was born on August 19, 1929 in São Paulo and he died on August16, 2003 also in São Paulo. He was a Brazilian poet, critic, and translator. He and his brother Augusto de Campos, together with Décio Pignatari, formed the poetic group Noigandres that published the experimental journal of the same name. This group would launch the Brazilian movement of concrete poetry. He was faithful to the Concrete Movement until 1963, when he started his own path, concentrating in his book-poem project "Galáxias".

Poem by Haroldo de Campos

He translated some of the most important literature of the Western tradition into Portuguese, such as Homer's Iliad, prose by James Joyce and poetry by Mallarmé. His last work was his transcription of Homer's Iliad. When he died he left unfinished a translation of Dante's Comedia. The manuscript that Umberto Eco had a chance to read, compelled him to say that "Haroldo de Campos is the best Dante translator in the world".


  • Xadrez de Estrelas (1976)
  • Signância: Quase Céu (1979)
  • Galáxias (1984)
  • A Educação dos Cinco Sentidos (1985)
  • Crisantempo (1998)
  • A Máquina do Mundo Repensada (2001)

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