Scope the competition

Site 1 - Education Digital Media

As shown on screen 1, I picked the section on Concrete Poetry of this site (, because:

  • it has a simple and elegant design
  • uses a flow similar to what is proposed for the final project
  • uses colors sparingly, enhancing the visual impact of the concrete poetry shown in pictures
screen1Screen 1

Among things I would have to add to this design is a better use of images, since my primary focus is on the poests and not on the poetry per se.

Also, this site is not exclusively dedicated to concrete poets, it shows other things. I'll have to do a navigation compatible with my site that focus on the poets and their work.

Site 2 - Augusto de Campos official site

As shown on screen 2, this is the official site of one of the poets featured on my site(, because:

  • it has very interesting fonts
  • uses three column flow which adds interest to the site
  • uses different color schemes for each page and all of them are very interesting and exciting
  • uses the pictures to depict the concrete poems in a very appealing way
screen1Screen 2

One problem with this site is that it is devoted to only one of the four poets featured on my site, so it enhances his poetry. There is no guarantee that it will also work for the poetry from other poets.

I found the texture of the background a little distracting, cluttering the visual information of the site. On my site I want a clean background that enhances the visual poetry.

Search Engine Optmization

  1. Search Criteria: "poetas concretos brasileiros"
  2. Search criteria: Brazilian concrete poets
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